Phat Cycles

Beautiful Southern California; what better place to mix business and pleasure, a blend of lifestyles, and various turf from the inner city to the pier. Also what else than a prime locale to design and make bicycles for the beach? For about two decades now Phat Cycles have been taking the contemporary look of modern slim cruisers and bringing them into an even newer kind of sleekness and trend.

To divide them up for the perfect comparisons, Phat has four categories that their products place under. The Designer Series focuses on hot colors, smooth rolling wheels with painted rims, and fenders to boot. From 20 to 26 inch you can get that all in the Melodie, Daisy, and Sachi. A couple of print designs plus a tandem in the 7-Speed Longboard fall in to round the group out. Phundamental takes aspects from the Designer and focuses on adults, primarily allowing for full top tube frames next to step throughs. Secondly they combine pedal forward technology with a seat tube and fork angled almost 45 degrees backward for a very unique riding experience. The Sea Breeze/Sea Breeze Deluxe and their aluminum step up the Sea Crest Deluxe go head on with the geometry then give you 3 and 6-Speed variants so you can cruise differently faster. 

The Modified is a short entry with two cruisers on 29ers (the Rumble and the High Roller), the 24inch 3-Speed Jalopy with a compact motorcycle idea on 24x3 inch wheels, and a few other experiments. However the phattest of Phat is in their second short but sweet series, Phattitude. Outside of a flip-flop fixed gear in four sizes this line is the hub for road warriors. The XR-1AL is a single speed aluminum, wide-rimmed, Triple Tree-forked, bad-ass street demon. That plus two more gears, a front disc brake, and alloy levers make up the beefy 3-AL. The Stretch is the craziest. Available in-store only with almost everything else above, the single and three options look like something bicycle concepts would be if done by Orange County Choppers. Personalities can be developed along the beach with any of Phat's models but arguably the Phattitude line carries a lifestyle.

The business moniker for the label is Cycle Support West Inc. They're located in Huntington Beach, a spot that houses a lot of fans.

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