Massive Selection of Beach Cruiser Parts

Everything You Need is Here

As your one-stop beach cruiser headquarters, Chubby’s Cruisers carries everything you need to assemble, fix, pack or store your bike. Take a look at our…

  • Bicycle Parts — Chains, fenders, forks, handle bars, pedals, seats, tires, tubes, wheels, and more. It’s all in stock and ready for you. Click here to read more about our beach cruiser parts.

  • Bicycle Maintenance — All the products you need to keep your cruiser looking and running its best. You can stock up on lubricants, degreasers, metal polish, bike wash, grease, tire sealer (very useful to have), chain cleaner, and more. Not sure how to use all of these products? Order a copy of Park Tool’s Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair, 3rd Edition – a must-have for both the novice and veteran bicycle mechanic.

  • Bicycle Pumps — Every bicycle owner needs a bicycle pump. Your bicycle tires lose pressure every day, whether you’re out riding or sitting on the couch watching TV. If you want your cruiser to ride well you need to keep the tires at the suggested PSI that’s on the side of the tire. We’ve got mini pumps that are easy to mount on your bike and take with you on your rides, and floor pumps to keep at home.

  • Bicycle Tools — If you like to do your own maintenance and repairs, you’re going to need the right tools for the job. Chubby’s carries everything you need, including chain tools, hex tools, tool kits, spoke wrench sets, cable pullers, tire levers, pedal wrenches, fold-up rescue tools (the “Swiss army knives” of bicycle tools), tire and tube repair kits, valve tools, and more.

  • Bicycle Baby Seats — Baby on board? We’ve got you covered, with a selection of front and rear baby safety seats.

  • Bicycle Baskets, Racks and Storage Bags — Whatever you need to carry, be sure to carry it in style. Everything from basic baskets and storage bags to surf racks, pizza carrying baskets and more is in stock and ready for you.

  • Bicycle Water Bottle Cages & Cup Holders — You can work up quite a thirst on a bike ride. Water bottle cages and cup holders make it easy to stay hydrated and comfortable while you’re riding around town.

  • Bicycle Car Racks — What do you do when the place where you want to ride is far from home? Strap your bike onto a car rack and hit the road! We’ve got trunk racks, sport rider hitch racks, spare tire racks, and more, designed for one bike or many.

  • Bicycle Trailers — To pull behind or attach to the back of your bike. Some bicycle trailers are designed to hold cargo, and others are meant for passengers. C’mon, kids, we’re going for a ride!

  • Bicycle Covers — We recommend the heavy-duty model, to keep your bike from being subjected to the elements if you have to store it outside.

  • Bicycle Storage — Wall hooks and bike racks make storing your cruiser easy.

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