From the Guangdong Province in China, Micargi started off as a parts and accessories maker then started building complete bicycles in the mid 90s. The affordability of their modern steel structures drew a widely positive response. In 1997 to help meet the requirements of international markets, they set up a western office warehouse in Los Angeles, California birthing Micargi USA. 

The brand dabbles in a bit of everything. BMX, Fixies, Foldables, Mountain, and Road have their own entries. Arguably where they do it best is in what Chubby's carries; Cruisers [who would've thought], Kids set ups, Tandems, and seat supported Lowriders. 

Types like the Women's Tahiti and the Men's Tahiti LX feature bright colors, painted rim possibilities, and slim sleek tubing. They keep those ideas going on different frames to make the Rover series among others. To play with size without going down to the 20” Jetta you can get some of their versions on 24” wheels. It's fun to work with and not too low because the chainstay space behind the bottom bracket on these are longer than normal. This lets your legs sit further horizontally as opposed to up and down so when you pedal it goes more forward. Semantics aside, that's actual cruising. Of course if you need to add gears to what's above there's a 3 and 7-Speed variety. 

Forward pedaling certainly brings out a more relaxed ride, but what if you wanna have a bike you can be easy with. What if you'd rather feel like getting in something that on top of it? Hang your arms reaching up to the Rover and the Falcon GT that turns upright seating into looking just above the handlebars seating. Or lengthen it out, elongate standard geometry in the stretch Mustang and Puma. Both types in the GTS model feature a chrome springer fork and low rise bars that angle back to catch your extended reach amongst their different frames. They split further upon upgrades to the internal NX3 3-Speed vs the 3.0 with ape bars and a triple tree chopper fork. 

Chubby's puts exclusive tweaks to the stretch. The Special Edition Men's Falcon GT arrives in smooth flat black with red rims and silver pieces to match our logo colors. Giving an homage to the raw open engine designs of hot rod cars from the 40s to 60s and the world famous auto body mods of George Barris, comes the Rat Rod 3-Speed Kustom Cruiser. It's the absolute kind of bike to lean into a Backrest Saddle on and drive.

Micargi's current shipping capacity is over 300,000 bikes per year worldwide. You can find their quality on par with Firmstrong with flashy glimpses of Nirve.

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