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The Biggest Selection of Bicycle Bells Anywhere

Which Bicycle Bell Will You Choose?

With around 200 different bicycle bells and horns in stock, you’re going to have a hard time picking your favorite! Bicycle bells are an important safety item, as they let you alert people when you’re coming up behind them. But as you can see on this page, they’re more than just a safety item – they’re a fun and stylish bicycle accessory.

Who Knew Bicycle Bells Could Be So Much Fun?

Scroll through our selection and see which bicycle bell seems to be made just for you. Over a dozen different brands of bells and horns are available here:

  • Swell Bicycle Bells — Including the Buddha, 8 Ball, Cheetah Print, Cow, American Flag, Earth, Hula, “Live to Ride,” Mean Skull, Pink Skull, “Love My Bike,” Mud Flap Girl, Rasta, Smiley Face, Tie Dye Peace, “Get the F#@% Out of My Way,” and more. We also carry a big selection of Swell’s Bicycle Bell & Valve Cap sets, for those who like everything to be all matchy matchy.

  • Dring Dring Bicycle Bells — Our huge selection includes the Baby on Board, Bike Alarm, “Born to Ride,” Bouquet, Cowboy, Cupcake, Dog, Flying Pig, Ladybug, No Gas Required, Old Style Telephone, Tic Tac Toe, White Heart, and more.

  • Nutcase Bicycle Bells — Choices include the 8 Ball, Air American, Dazed & Amused, Peace, Bullseye, and Brain. Matching Nutcase bicycle helmets are available for some of these styles. Think anyone will notice how well coordinated you are?

  • Nirve Bicycle Bells — Some of our favorites include the “I Love My Bike,” Hello Kitty (in black, pink or red), Rainbow, Skull, Sunflower, Tiki, Crystal, Candy, and Compass bells.

  • Cruiser Candy Bicycle Bells — We’ve got the Cruiser Candy Flower Bells in black, blue, clear, green, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow. Also available are Cruiser Candy’s Black Skull, Butterfly Bling, Crown Bling, Heart Bling, Peace Sign Bling, Rainbow Peace Bling, Skull Bling, and Sparkle Flower Bling bells.

  • Schwinn Bicycle Bells — Choose from the Black Flowers, Gingham, Pink Plaid, and Quality bells.

  • Soma Bicycle Bells — Available styles include Burrito Powered, Evil Gauge, and “Ride It Like You Stole It” bells.

  • Ding Dong Bicycle Bells — In blue, green, purple, red, white or yellow.

  • Spoke N Wheel Bicycle Bells — Made by our manager’s wife, these bells have a rose design and are available in cream, grey, mint green, pink or red.

  • Sunlight Mini Bicycle Bells — Choose the Black Eyeball or the Chrome Eyeball mini bicycle bell.

  • Miscellaneous Bicycle Bells — In case all of those other choices weren’t enough, we’ve also got Classic Bicycle Bells, Revolving Bicycle Bells, the XL Bing Bong Bell, the Beach Ball Bell, and the Burger Bell (which might make you hungry as you ride).

  • Flugel Bicycle Horns — In a variety of colors.

  • Squeeze Horns — These super-fun horns are available in over 10 styles, including Skull, Sumo, Alien, Koala, Parrot, Pig, Shark, Santa Claus, and more.

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