Do you need more visibility than regular head and tail lights can provide? Do you look at safety vests and ankle bands with a sour face? Are you a fan of color? Then you can light up your bicycle so no one misses you pass by at night with Bike Brightz! In 2009 a creative teenager in Ohio decided to rival the market that supplies detection for cyclists and as of now they ship around the United States from a warehouse in Toledo. Their simple line of products keep a focus on safety which is of course the point, but also make them cool to show off so it doesn't feel like they're dampening your style.

Bike Brightz come in two different types. Brightz are a slim rectangular light than runs on two AAA batteries and fits to anywhere on your fame that has roughly five inches to spare. There's a YouTube video and downloadable PDF for installation but the breakdown isn't complicated; two zip ties run through the given holes of the light, a rubber pad is placed on the back of it to save friction when mounted, and then it's put on by strapping around the ties and cutting whatever's excess. Chubby's carries their larger Glow Brights to work out on our bikes. Glows are 6.5 feet of wrapping line fit to cover the top, bottom, and seat tube of your cruiser in four optional colors (Cool Blue, Mean Green, Rocket Red, Powerful Pink) with an emphasis on neon. You will be definitely be seen from any angle fully wired, and both products are light weight and weather proof so you won't generate lighting.

Bike Brightz also won't break your pockets while you're making sure you don't beak bones. They cost as much or less than a single ordinary light or cheap combo set. Although still in it's early stages, the company's solid lineup at the moment is building for a promising future.

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