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Chubby’s Bikes is a full-service shop selling  bikes, parts and accessories, and providing repair and maintenance services for bicycles of all kinds. Since we opened over a decade ago, we’ve focused on providing amazing customer service and carrying the types of bicycles that people like you want to ride.

9 Reasons Why Chubby’s Bikes is So Popular

People drive past a slew of other bike shops to get to our Culver City store, and come from across the country to shop with us online. Here’s why:

  1. Amazing Selection of Bikes

    Customers are often overwhelmed when they first walk into our store. Why? Because we have a wide variety of bicycles that cater to all types of needs and people. 

  2. Enormous Selection of Parts & Accessories

    Absolutely everything you might want or need to customize or accessorize your bicycle is available here. Tires, baskets, seats, bells, helmets,pumps, tools, locks, bicycle computers. You name it, we’ve got it, in stock and available for you.

  3. Fun Test Rides

    If you’re here in Southern California, you can stop by in person to try before you buy. Every bike in the store is available for a test ride.

  4. Quality Control

    Once purchased, each bike undergoes a thorough inspection by one of our experienced bicycle mechanics before it leaves the store. If you’re here in person we’ll also adjust the handle bar angles and seat height to make it just right for you.

  5. Knowledgeable Staff

    This isn’t one of those “big box stores” where no one knows anything about the merchandise. We’ve got two knowledgeable people dedicated to answering the phones, on-floor sales people who know what they’re doing, and a staff of bicycle mechanics who know all the ins and outs of bikes. If you’ve got questions about bikes, someone here will be able to answer it for you.

  6. Helpful Video Tutorials

    Want to know how to install your rear rack, drink caddy, basket, bell, headlight or other accessory? Wish someone would show you how to change your bike tube? Check out Chubby’s video tutorials on YouTube, and get the information you’re looking for.

  7. Money-Saving Service Plans

    Just $84.99 buys you unlimited tune-ups and repairs on your cruiser bike for a full five years! Your cruiser should be tuned up every six months. If you pay for tune-ups one at a time they’re $45 for single-speed bikes and $65 for multi-speed bikes – so this five-year service plan will save you a bundle and pay for itself in year one.

  8. Great Warranties

    In addition to the 90-day warranty that cruiser manufacturers offer on the frame, Chubby’s also provides an additional warranty on every bike we sell. This includes a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and 180 days on parts, covering defective materials and workmanship. Please note that structural damage due to neglect or abuse, as well as natural wear and tear, are not covered by either warranty.

  9. No Judgments

    Give us a call or walk into our store and you’ll be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of what you look or sound like. This may sound like an obvious aspect of basic customer service. But after years of dealing with sales people who look at her tattoos and hairstyle and immediately make assumptions about her budget and intelligence, it’s been our founder’s experience that at many stores, judgments are definitely being made.

About Our Full Service Repair & Service Department

Fully stocked with cruiser parts, accessories and tools, our Service Department is big enough for four mechanics to be working at once. We service and repair all types of bicycles, not just cruiser bikes.

In addition to the full assortment of standard bicycle tools that you would expect us to have, our collection of specialized bicycle tools includes:

  • Bicycle Parts Washer

    Our environmentally-friendly bicycle parts washer comes in very handy for overhauls, drive train cleaning, and various other bicycle part cleanings.

  • Philwood Spoke Cutting & Threading Machine

    This baby allows us to manually size, cut and place factory-quality thread on a spoke within seconds. Whether you need help building custom wheels or need to fix some spokes that snapped, we have the special machine to do it.

Chubby’s Service Department is open during our normal store hours:

Tuesday-Friday  11:00am to 7:00pm

Saturday 9:30am to 5:00pm

Sunday  11:00am to 4:00pm

Monday  Closed

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